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Who & How We Help

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Improving the lives of children and families through counselling, psychoeducation and advocacy.

You love your children, want the best for them and have probably tried different strategies already.

Still, you might be wondering why your child is struggling.

Play and expressive therapy offers a warm and engaging space for children to express themselves.

As teens might prefer to talk, we offer talk therapy to them, with the option of incorporating art/expressive therapy if this matches thier style.

Learn more about our approach to Child and Teen Therapy below:

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Child and Teen Therapy

Challenging behaviours can really take a toll on any parent.

Most of the parents we work with describe:

  • Having tried different strategies but nothing seems to work

  • Dealing with behavioural problems at school

  • Feeling like they are losing control over their kids

  • Yelling a lot even when that is not your intention

  • Hoping to find ways to connect with their children

  • Wanting to help their children but not really knowing how

Learn more about our Parent Support counselling services here:

Family at Home

Parent Support

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Sometimes life isn't what we expect.

As many of our clients, you might be feeling stressed, frustrated or stuck. You might be struggling with how things are but don't know how to change them.

Individual counselling provides a safe space for you to get more insight about your life, feel better, change what is not working, and improve your relationships.

Learn more about our Adult Counselling services:

Adult Counselling

When separation happens, families are forced to re-organize.

Parents have to choose new arrangements, kids might need to help to adjust in positive ways, and communication still needs to happen despite negative emotions and disagreements getting in the way.


Strong Ties Counselling offers different services that aim to reduce conflict, improve communication and implement thoughtful parenting decisions that respond to children's developmental and emotional needs. 

Learn more about our Separation & Divorce counselling services below:

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Separation & Divorce
Co-parenting Counselling

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