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Separation & Divorce
Co-parenting Counselling
Child Specialist & HTC Reports

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When separation happens,
families need to re-organize.

Co-parenting Counselling and Divorce/Parent Coaching
with Gisella La Madrid

Gisella La Madrid is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, trained to perform co-parenting counselling as well as the role of Divorce/Parent Coach and Child Specialist.


  • Child & Family Counsellor

  • Child Specialist & Divorce Coach

  • Hear the Child Report Interviewer

Hear the child Society
Gisella La Madrid, divorce coach and co-parenting counsellor
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Divorce coaching
When Separation Happens:
Parents have to choose new arrangements, children may need help to adjust in positive ways, and communication still needs to happen despite negative emotions and disagreements getting in the way. Parents still need to talk about:
  • Living arrangements

  • Parenting time

  • Caregiving for the children

  • Communication between parents

  • Communication with the children

  • Extra-curricular activities

  • Clothing

  • Education

  • Discipline

  • Extended family / Introduction of new partners

  • Communication between parents

To help with this life transition, Strong Ties offers different services that aim to reduce conflict, improve communication and implement thoughtful parenting decisions that respond to children's developmental and emotional needs.

1. Co-parenting Counselling

This is a process where psycho-education, mediation and counselling skills are used to help parents manage conflict, improve communication and find optimal decisions that benefit the whole family.

This approach is solution-focused and strength-based, aiming to find effective ways to move forward. The goal is to help parents identify areas of conflict, develop new skills, and make thoughtful decisions while focusing on the developmental and socio-emotional needs of children. The work in co-parenting counselling can be translated into a parenting agreement; however, many families - who already have a separation agreement  - benefit from having a qualified professional mediate hard conversations that can eventually lead to new parenting decisions.

Coparenting Counselling
Divorce Coach
While working alongside lawyers and financial experts,
Strong Ties Counselling offers services of:
2. Divorce Coach

A Divorce Coach is a licensed mental health professional trained to help you and your partner communicate and solve family and parenting matters. Besides providing the emotional support you need through this process, a divorce coach is trained to help you create a Parenting Plan that responds to the needs of your children and your family. The Parenting Plan can later be included as an appendix in your Separation Agreement. ​

Collaborative Divorce

The Services of a Divorce Coach or a Parent Coach could be required as part of Collaborative Law. In this model qualified professionals - including collaborative lawyers, divorce coaches, child specialists and financial experts - help parents create unique solutions that respond to the family values and goals. A full team supports both parties and agreements are made taking into consideration their impact in all family members.

3. Child Specialist

A Child Specialist is a licensed mental health professional that focuses exclusively on children's needs and concerns.​ Within the Collaborative Process, the Child Specialist meets only with the children and later brings children's views and interests to the parents and divorce coaches. Information provided by the Child Specialist helps parents take into consideration the children's needs in the Parenting Plan. 

Child Specialist
Counselling Helps Adolescents
4. Hear The Child Reports

An HTC Report is a non-evaluative, verbatim report on the views of the child on issues related to family transition or family breakdown for the purpose of having the views of the child considered when decisions
are made about their best interest. The child has control over what is included in the report and nothing is put in the report without the child’s permission.


An HTC Report does not contain any recommendations nor does it state the opinions of the interviewer.

White Quote
Gisella guided us through a very hard time for our family. We left her sessions with valuable solutions on how to guide our kids and better communicate as a family in transition. Thank you for your support!

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