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Feeling one of these? Counselling can help.

  • Anxious or worried

  • Stressed and overwhelmed

  • Irritable and at your wits' end

  • Sad, depressed or not good enough

  • Scattered, not able to focus

  • Frustrated with yourself or with the ones you love

  • Unsure or full of doubt

  • Unable to let go of a relationship

  • Stuck in the past or always living in the future

  • Grieving for the loss of a loved one

  • Guilty and full of regrets

Individual counselling provides a safe space for you to get more insight about your life,  feel better, change what is not working and improve your relationships.

You deserve to feel
  • Happy and satisfied
  • Empowered and confident
  • Grounded and balanced
  • Strong enough to state what you need
  • At peace with yourself
  • Motivated and energized
  • Worthy of life and love
  • Fulfilled with your relationships

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