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Adding a baby to your family 

Congratulations on your new addition! Babies bring a whole mix of emotions, some really positive and some quite overwhelming. Joy, excitement, love, and also anxiety, exhaustion, isolation, and grief are all part of this process.
Whether you are a parent for the first time or you are now adding a baby to your family, counselling can help!  
In therapy you can explore how to support your family in your new roles, find new ways to adjust and cope with the parenting demands and help other member of the family understand the new dynamic. 

Parent Support

Challenging behaviours can really take a toll on any parent. And the more difficult the behaviours are, the more we feel clueless, overreact or just lose it. 
Most of the parents I work with describe:
  • Having tried different strategies but nothing seems to really work
  • Dealing with school pressure or teachers who have suggested counselling because of school difficulties
  • Feeling they are losing control over their children's behaviours
  • Wanting to improve their relationship with their kids by yelling less and being more patient
  • Hoping to find ways to connect and listen to their children
  • Wanting to help their children regulate and control difficult emotions but not really knowing how
If any of these resonate with you, counselling can help. 

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