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Be There When It Matters

Challenging behaviours can really take a toll on any parent.


And the more difficult the behaviours are, the more we feel clueless, overreact or just lose it. 

Most of the parents we work with describe:

  • Having tried different strategies but nothing seems to work

  • Dealing with behavioural problems at school

  • Feeling like they are losing control over their kids

  • Yelling a lot even when that is not your intention

  • Hoping to find ways to connect with their children

  • Wanting to help their children but not really knowing how

If any of these resonate with you, counselling can help.

Image by Jonathan Borba
Becoming A Parent For The First Time

Babies bring joy, excitement, and a special kind of love. However, new parents also cope with physical exhaustion, changes in the body, family life, sex life, couple's dynamics and endless housework. All these changes can lead to feeling sad, lonely, and anxious.

In therapy you can:

  • Explore your new identity as a mom

  • Find ways to bond with your baby

  • Talk about your needs, your feelings and YOU without judgment

  • Work towards a parenting style that feels right

  • Find ways to deal with anxiety, guilt and stress

Image by Kevin Gent
Introducing Your Baby to Your Older Child

The arrival of a new baby brings many changes, especially for older children. As the caregiver, you can help your children bond, and process the changes in the family.


In therapy you can: 

  • Explore different ways to prepare your child for the new baby

  • Support your older child's emotions and behaviour

  • Review how to set firm but loving boundaries for misbehaviour

  • Work on improving the relationship with your older child

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