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Kira Wilson

Client Care Coordinator

Kira Wilson, Client Care Coordinator Strong Ties Counselling

Taking the first step towards bettering or inquiring about our mental health can be hard and even daunting at times, especially if we don’t even know where to start. This is where I would come in! Mine is the voice behind all the initial phone calls and inquiring emails that get sent to us here at Strong Ties.


It is my hope that I can ease you in for the start of your sessions and hopefully answer any questions you may have about our practices or our counsellors. I’m here to help quell that anxiety that you might feel when you need to do something new (or order food over the phone) and hopefully help you through it with a smile.


I have quite a few years of experience working with various health care practitioners in different fields and throughout this time I have learned the power a kind voice and words can have. It is my hope that I can pass along some of my positive energies to you to help with the day to day.

*Able to provide Dad jokes and puppy snarfs via telephone

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