Divorce & Separation

Divorce can be an isolating and a very stressful experience.

It may also be a time to rediscover your strengths, open yourself up for new possibilities and build a better future.

You can use the services of Divorce coaches whether you are in a mediation, litigation or collaborative process. 


A Divorce Coach is a licensed mental health professional trained to help you and your partner communicate and solve family matters.
Besides providing the emotional support you need through this process, a divorce coach is trained to help you create a Parenting Plan that responds to the needs of your children and your family.
The Parenting Plan can later be included as an appendix in your Separation Agreement.   



A Child Specialist is a licensed mental health professional that focuses exclusively on children's needs and concerns.

Within the Collaborative Process, the Child Specialist first meets with the children and later brings children's views and interests to the parents and divorce coaches. Information provided by the Child Specialist helps parents take into consideration the children's needs in the Parenting Plan



This is an interdisciplinary process involving trained lawyers, divorce coaches, child specialists and financial advisors, as needed. Professionals help parties settle issued outside of court.


In that regards, parties agree to stay out of litigation and work collaboratively towards the restructuring of their family. This includes the full disclosure of all documentation and information as well as negotiations that consider children's best interests and proposals made in good faith

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