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Separation & Divorce

Divorce can be an isolating and a very stressful experience. It may also be a time to rediscover your strengths, open yourself up for new possibilities and build a better future.

Divorce coaches and Child Specialists can help you whether you are in a mediation, litigation or collaborative process. 


As a divorce coach, I help individuals find workable solutions for their new parenting needs (i.e. parenting plan).

Additionally, I aim to provide emotional support and practical tools individuals need within a separation/divorce process. 


As a child specialist, I help children find their own voice within a separation process.  I also provide the emotional support children need to cope with the new changes in their lives. 



An interdisciplinary process involving lawyers, divorce coaches, child specialists and financial advisors as needed. Parties agree to stay out of litigation and work collaboratively towards the restructuring of their family.


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