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Helping You Get To
Where You Want To Be


Sometimes life isn't what we expect.


As many of our clients, you might be feeling stressed, frustrated or stuck. You might be struggling with how things are but don't know how to change them. 

Individual counselling provides a safe space for you to get more insight about your life, feel better, change what is not working, and improve your relationships.

Gisella La Madrid, Counsellor and Team Lead at Strong Ties Counselling
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Feeling One of These?
  • Overwhelmed, stressed or worried

  • Irritable and at your wits' end

  • Sad, depressed or not good enough

  • Scattered, not able to focus

  • Frustrated 

  • Unsure or full of doubt

  • Unable to let go of a relationship

  • Stuck in the past or always living in the future

  • Grieving for the loss of a loved one

  • Guilty and full of regrets

Smiling Woman
You Deserve to Feel
  • Happy and satisfied

  • Empowered and confident

  • Grounded and balanced

  • Strong enough to state what you need

  • At peace with yourself

  • Motivated and energized

  • Worthy of life and love

  • Fulfilled with your relationships

Ready To Make a Change?

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